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We are currently adding our tech videos to you tube for you guys to watch and learn from.   Keep an eye out as more videos will be added every couple of weeks.


The R C Guitars Team


This is a video showing how to wire a standard strat style plate rig.  A really useful addition is a simple mod on the switch that gives the bridge pickup use of the second tone control.  (this is the yellow wire on the switch).  This is by no means the only way to wire up a standard strat style plate, but we find its the easiest and gives the best results. 


This video shows how to wire up a 3 way toggle switch commonly found on Gibson and Gibson style guitars.


This video shows how to install a treble bleed kit in to your harness. This mod allows you to keep tone and more sonic control when you roll the volume knob down low. These are essential kit and we put these on all of our guitars. 


This video shows how to wire up basic telecaster style control plate. No bells or whistles just a simple straightforward rig that will get the job done.


This video shows you how to do the wiring for a momentary push button kill switch. its quick, fairly easy and can add another whole dimension of expression to your playing.  Kill switch kits are available on the kill switch page!