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All R C Guitars wiring kits come with dedicated specifically made wiring diagrams, made by us.  but if you need a replacement wiring diagram for your kit or you just need a wiring diagram for a rig you are putting together, look no further! All of our wiring diagrams can be found here.  just click on the one you want.  any questions, please email us Wiring@rcguitars.com

ALL PARTS and wiring kits for these diagrams can be brought from R C GUITARS

All wiring diagrams are in PDF format, if you dont have a PDF viewer like Adobe pdf, you can download it for free here:  http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

Tele Diagrams

50`s telecaster wiring diagram  (pdf)

A 1950`s telecaster wiring diagram.  Great for that vintage tone with only minimal variation on a standard telecaster wiring harness.  All in all a great and very easy upgrade with no additional parts and only a little soldering.

Nashville "T"  telecaster wiring diagram version 1  (pdf)
The classic Nashville tele rig using two tone pots instead of the usual one, and an interesting capacitor set up to produce the twang and clack that Nashville has become famous for. 

Standard telecaster wiring diagram version 1  (pdf)
A basic straight forward telecaster wiring diagram without any bells and whistles.  this is a good starting point for future mods, or just to make it work!

Push Pull series switch telecaster wiring diagram  (pdf)
A great little tele rig that gives a series twist to the stock tones

Fender classic 4 way telecaster switch wiring diagram   (pdf)
A neat little switch mod for series and parallel switching

Strat Diagrams

Standard strat full tone wiring diagram  (pdf)
This way of wiring a standard 1 volume, 2 tone and 5 way switch plate assembly enables you to have complete control over the bridge tone by using the 2nd tone control.  its a very straight foreward mod to a basic strat wiring assembly that makes a huge difference to the versatility of your tone.

Standard strat full tone wiring diagram with kill switch  (pdf)
A standard strat style 1 vol 2 tone 5 way switch rig with the addition of a kill switch in there as well.

Fat strat full tone  push pull wiring diagram  (pdf)
A wiring diagram for 2 single coils in neck and mid and a humbucker in the bridge with split coils.  a very good all round pick up set with a little added versatility in the split coil.  wired to have tone control across all the pickups via the 2 tone pots.

Les Paul Diagrams

1950s Les Paul style wiring diagram   (pdf)
A wiring diagram that copies an original 1950/60`s les paul rig.  Very easy and screams original tone at you.

Les Paul standard style wiring diagram v2   (pdf)
A standard 2 volume, 2 Tone and 1 switch wiring diagram for Les Paul style guitars.

Les Paul dual push pull wiring diagram   (pdf)
A modified Les paul wiring rig that allows a coil split of each humbucker by the 2 push/pull tone pots.  this can also be adapted to other push/pull functions like phase switching etc.

Gibson push/pull series override pot diagram   (pdf)
An easy mod to override the series switching on a Les Paul

Explorer Diagrams

Explorer standard style wiring diagram   (pdf)

A standard explorer wiring diagram for 2 volume pots, 1 tone & 1 switch.  this daigram can be adapted to any guitar that uses 2 volume pots and 1 tone pot.

Flying V Diagrams

Flying v standard style wiring diagram   (pdf)
A standard wiring diagram for a flying v guitar, no bells or whistles!

Kill Switch Diagrams

Momentary push button kill switch   (pdf)
A quick and easy kill switch mod that can be added to just about any wiring rig.

Toggle kill switch   (pdf)
Another quick and easy kill switch mod that can be added in to almost any wiring rig.

Jack and switch Diagrams

Stereo jack wiring   (pdf)
A visual diagram for wiring up a standard stereo jack socket

Vintae to modern switch conversion diagram   (pdf)
A really great little diagram that shows you how to convert the lugs on a 3 or 5 way modern switch to a 3 or 5 way classic switch. 

Les Paul 3 way switch diagram   (pdf)
A simple diagram showing how to wire a 3 way Les Paul style toggle switch

Common switch types diagram (pdf)
A diagram showing the lug position of the 4 most common switch types.  There are more switches than this but we have found these are the most widely used.

Blend Pots

Standard B250k Blend pot wiring diagram (pdf)
A fairly straight foreward digram for a blend pot wired in to one of the tone positions.  Really fun to use and great for really fine tuning the tone of two pickups used together.

Bass Wiring Diagrams

Standard  P Bass Diagram (pdf)
A Standard Precision bass wiring diagram.

Standard P Bass Diagram Version 2 (pdf)

A Different version of the standard wiring diagram that gives the overall tone a bit more Grit.

J and P Bass Diagram with a series/parallel switch (pdf)
This diagram can be used with J and P basses (and any other bass with the same amount and configuration of pots) that will add the option of a series/parallel switch for expanded tonal option.  We really like this one!

J and P Bass Diagram Alternative wiring without series switch (pdf)
A Different way to wire up the control plate without a switch and different tone cap placement.